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A global movement changing STEM education with innovative industry-based programs for middle schools and high schools.

With cutting-edge educational and communicational technology and a community of teachers and industry professionals, we are helping schools evolve into schools of the future.

Prepare Students for a World with Artificial Intelligence

Our world is driven by artificial intelligence. It influences the way we communicate, socialize, and make decisions. The industry is going through a transformation unseen since the invention of electricity or the internet. Are we preparing students for success in this brave new world?

With STEMwave students gain an understanding of crucial technologies and explore their ability to create positive change in their community. Built around the AI-Driven Communication program, it introduces students to the world of AI through a chatbot development project for their school. This unique experience serves as a stepping stone in the students’ future tech careers and sets the foundation for creating schools of the future.

Catch the Wave

We are looking for schools to join our movement in 2022 and become leaders in the future of STEM education. The program implementation and access to the Intelligent Chatbot Building Platform is funded by our industry partner Infobip.

Future Oriented Learning

For Students

The program serves as an introduction to chatbot development, in which students form teams to build AI conversational systems for their schools. The best solution will be implemented on the school website.

Employability Skills

The AI program, delivered through the innovative STEMI platform, is aimed at teaching relevant employable skills in the most sought-after field of the tech industry.

Community Heroes

By building a chatbot for their schools, students get a chance to give back to their community by working on a socially responsible project directly affecting their surroundings.

Career Readiness

Students and teachers will be mentored and advised by industry experts, who serve as positive and realistic career role models.

Become a School of the Future

By joining STEMwave, the movement for the future of education, you will get access to the Intelligent Chatbot Building Platform, powered by Infobip, a leading global communication platform, giving you a chance to improve your school’s website and digital communication processes.

Enhance Learning Processes

STEMwave offers enhanced learning processes in order to prepare students for their future and increase their social awareness.

Connect with the Tech Industry

Developed in collaboration with industry 4.0 leaders, STEMwave brings the tech industry into your classroom.

Empowered Teachers

Teachers get access to professional development programs, powered by Milestone C, through a variety of workshops and teaching tools equipping them for seamless program implementation.

Discover the Current Behind the Wave

STEMwave is a global movement driven by common values and a shared desire to improve education. We are a community of tech leaders and educators looking to empower students and teachers to make waves and create meaningful change in the world. We see every person as a drop of water in our wave, and only by acting together can we bring about the necessary changes in education and create schools of the future.

We are Relentless in Our Pursuit to Give Youth Better Education

STEMI builds the infrastructure that connects schools with the industry. The company cooperates with the industry to harness the knowledge of tech leaders, introducing it to schools through our plug-and-play STEM programs with a focus on user feedback.

Milestone C is a company specializing in implementing experiential STEM programs and helping schools keep pace with technological advancements. They provide unparalleled professional development, bringing teachers up to speed with current industry standards.

Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel communication. They simplify how organizations connect with, engage and delight their customers on a global scale.  Their programmable communications platform delivers a suite of tools for advanced customer engagement and support, plus security and authentication.

Become a Part of STEMwave

Join us in creating Schools of the Future.

Included in the Program

Teacher Training

Whether you are an experienced STEM teacher or just beginning to teach STEM, our professional development experts will make your transition into the world of AI smooth and painless.

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Industry Experts Mentoring & Support

You will get real-time assistance around the clock and mentoring sessions provided by expert engineers and educators gathered in a like-minded community looking to build the School of the Future.

Plug and Play AI Curriculum

Our cloud-based AI program teaches students to build complete AI conversational systems that solve social problems in their local communities. It brings industry knowledge directly to your classroom in order to equip students with foundational employability skills which will prepare them for employment in demanding work environments.

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Classroom Materials

In an effort to minimize preparation time and enable teachers to focus their energy on working with students, you will get access to innovative and ready-to-use classroom materials. These include program scope and sequence, teacher guides, courseware, multimedia materials, handouts, templates, and assessments all accessible online through the STEMI LAB platform.

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Access to Intelligent Chatbot Building Platform

Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel communications whose aim is to simplify how organizations connect with, engage and delight their customers and users at a global scale. You will get access to a one-year license to their Intelligent Chatbot Building Platform. Your students will be able to create and deploy smart virtual assistants to your school’s website, resulting in a new level of automation, speed, and availability.

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Schools that come up with the best solutions will be rewarded with attractive prizes.