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What kind of curriculum materials are provided?

Everything needed to run the program is provided: software, courseware, e-books, teacher guides, student handouts, assessments, and rubrics.

What is the duration of the program?

One semester worth of material, or about 70  hours in total classroom time for High School, and 35 hours for the Middle School program. 

Is there any prerequisite knowledge required?

No, there is no prerequisite knowledge needed for the implementation of the AIC program. The beginning modules lay the framework for the rest of the course material and fundamentals are covered thoroughly to encourage full comprehension. 

Which grade levels is this program for?

The target grades for the AIC program are 6-12.  There is a Middle School version and a High School version of the program.  

What background do teachers need to have to successfully teach this program?

No specific background is required, anyone can teach this course.  Milestone C will ensure each teacher is well equipped to guide students through this course.  Training covers the very basics and will build gradually to allow for varied learning curves and understanding of the material.  It is important to note that teachers are guiding students through this hands-on learning experience, this is not a traditional lecture-style program!

How does this program help schools become a school of the future?

Our world is driven by artificial intelligence. It influences the way we communicate, socialize, and make decisions. The industry is going through a transformation unseen since the invention of electricity or the internet. Are we preparing students for success in this brave new world?

With STEMwave students gain an understanding of crucial technologies and explore their ability to create positive change in their community. Built around the AI-Driven Communication program, it introduces students to the world of AI through a chatbot development project for their school. This unique experience serves as a stepping stone in the students’ future tech careers and sets the foundation for creating schools of the future.

What is a school of the future?

We see a school of the future as an educational institution that has adopted the collective growth mindset, who is committed to preparing students for the technological landscape that our world is currently evolving into; it will allow them to build a solid foundation and an understanding of the tech and skills needed to thrive in the new workplace.  

Who are STEMI and Milestone C?

Milestone C is a company specializing in implementing experiential STEM programs and helping schools keep pace with technological advancements. They provide unparalleled professional development, bringing teachers up to speed with current industry standards.

STEMI builds the infrastructure that connects schools with the industry. The company cooperates with the industry to harness the knowledge of tech leaders, introducing it to schools through our plug-and-play STEM programs with a focus on user feedback.

Who is Infobip?

Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel communication. They simplify how organizations connect with, engage and delight their customers on a global scale.  Their programmable communications platform delivers a suite of tools for advanced customer engagement and support, plus security and authentication.

What does the Infobip Sponsorship entail?

Infobip will fund the initial implementation (2022-23 school year) of the AIC program for your school; this will include: Curriculum, Classroom Materials, Software Access, and Teacher Professional Development

How can interested schools get involved?

Get in contact with us at and someone will follow up with you shortly thereafter.  

What is the AIC Program?

AI-Driven Communication is a one-semester course for Middle and High School students which teaches students the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  They will learn how to create a simple chatbot using RASA and learn the basics of programming using either python or drag and drop coding.  The culmination of this course will offer students the chance to compete for the opportunity to have their chatbot featured on the school website by creating the “smartest chatbot” in their culmination Project. 

What is STEMwave?

STEMwave is a global movement changing STEM education with innovative industry-based programs for Middle Schools and High Schools throughout the United States and Europe.  We are a community of tech leaders and educators looking to empower students and teachers to make waves and create meaningful change in the world. We see every person as a drop of water in our wave, and only by acting together can we bring about the necessary changes in education and create schools of the future.

Can we form multiple student teams?

Yes, you can form as many teams as you would like.

What is the minimum number of students I need to include in the program?

Students are working in teams and you should include a minimum of 3 students who will form one team.

Who can participate in the program?

The program is designed for middle schools and high schools.